33-April 136 to 03-Mai 136

Heading North?

April 33: Tanin decides to try to take over the kingdom. Lothar is understandably against this. Tanin begins creating a massive circle of power around the capital city and gathering citizens and lingering barbarians who are interested in joining his effort. Riffin helps Lothar clean up the palace, but eventually switches to helping Tanin with his efforts and Galanis helps Tanin from the beginning. Meanwhile Elsire is looking for a master blacksmith, but keeping his ear to the ground. Tanin has sent word to Brother Olaf to fill the power vacuum left by the decimation of the thieves guild in Cahyrst.
Mai 03: Tanin signs a magically binding contract which allows his descendants, apprentice or blood, to maintain a position of power as the magic against magic in Cahyrst.


Semiazai Semiazai

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