03-Februar 211 28-Februar 211

Allorian is Galanis’ son
Sitric is Olaf’s apprentice
Susa is Lothar’s great grandson
Guy Spearman is a new arrival

They join Andy who was travelling to visit Galanis and Allorian.
Andy finds Guy after Guy’s caravan is wrecked. Andy and Allorian decide to join Guy on his way to human territory where they bump into Sitric and Susa and decide to go check out the statue to the north. The commander at the wall agreed to pay them 200 gold if they could bring back information. They spent one day with bad navigation traveling west parallel to the wall; and then traveled north for a day before running into two barbarians and killing them. We will pick up next week by finishing the trip to the statue.


Semiazai Semiazai

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