Log 10

12-Januar-136 to 22-Februar-136

  1. The party sails to Kemoor to the west.
  2. The party travels by horse to the Great Glomung where Galanis communes with a jungle spirit and the party meets with jungle elves. Galanis is offered an ambassadorial position, which he declines.
  3. The party sneaks under an illusion cast by Tannin to the Salt Sea.
  4. After first searching islands by floating on a disk cast by Tannin, the party finds a ring of stones which appears to teleport people from one island to another.
  5. The party finds themselves suddenly in the middle of a busy square, surrounded by armed jungle elves. A brief and deadly battle ensues and Galanis activates the stone ring.
  6. The party appears, with two guards, on a windswept snow covered cliff. They quickly dispatch the two remaining guards and…


Semiazai Semiazai

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