22-Februar 136 to 33-April 136

On the Mountain

22-Februar to 23-Februar: The group spent an evening with the Gryla and her family. On the morning of the 23rd the group leaves for the trade route to take it to Dadun.
35-Februar: they arrived in Dadun and resupplied.
16-Marz: Arrived in Kemoor, collected profits, and sailed to Ostmark.
34-Marz: Arrived in Ostmark and it was decided that Jarl would attempt to design and build a boat.
33-April: From a distance they find Cahyrst is burning. They decide to dock and start killing groups of invaders with help from their new Shireling berserker friend, Elsire. The group fought a dozen barbarians in the foyer. An audience gathered and after the fight they proceeded to the throne room where, after a short conversation, they fought Roge Arper; the barbarian lord. Roge Arper put up quite a fight, but when he realized the fight was not going to end in his favor he used what appeared to be an escape plan, or he burned himself to death; not sure.


Semiazai Semiazai

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