An Elven Druid from the north.



  • Str: 11
  • Con: 19
  • Agi: 14
  • Speed: 22
  • Int: 25
  • End: 16
  • Wit: 23


  • Magic:
    Animals: Lvl 8
    Earth: Lvl 3
    Plants: Lvl 4
    Water: Lvl 9
    Wind: Lvl 4
  • First-aid: Lvl 2
  • Ranged:
    Short Bow: Lvl 9
    Long Bow: Lvl 0
    Sling: Lvl 0
    Crossbow: Lvl 0
    Thrown: Lvl 0
  • Stealth: Lvl 4
  • Survival: Lvl 2


  • Masterwork Leather Armor DR 2 AC 32
  • Earth Focus +2
  • Short Bow 3d8
  • 20 arrows
  • Plant component pouch
  • 51 gold_


  • Xenophobic
  • Sympathetic Self-Sacrifice
  • I am Grut

Paragon Points

  • Total: 150
  • Current:150
  • Aging: 135

An elven Druid traveling from the north, set with a task by his village to see the world. Having grown up in a secluded elven village the youth has a closed minded view of the world. Particularly other sentient species are abhorrent to him. His Xenophobia had started causing problems for him back home, so he was told to go out and learn to love others for their differences. Possessing a rare ability to sacrifice his own life force in his casting to avoid using the life forces around him, he tends to look down on those casters that consume the world’s energy for their own gain. Having met a human knight years ago by the name of Lothar, on his journey south. The young Galanis remembered the name of Ostmark. So when he set out on his pilgrimage to open his mind to new people and experiences, he decided to start there.


Ostmark Semiazai Galanis