03-Februar 211 28-Februar 211

Allorian is Galanis’ son
Sitric is Olaf’s apprentice
Susa is Lothar’s great grandson
Guy Spearman is a new arrival

They join Andy who was travelling to visit Galanis and Allorian.
Andy finds Guy after Guy’s caravan is wrecked. Andy and Allorian decide to join Guy on his way to human territory where they bump into Sitric and Susa and decide to go check out the statue to the north. The commander at the wall agreed to pay them 200 gold if they could bring back information. They spent one day with bad navigation traveling west parallel to the wall; and then traveled north for a day before running into two barbarians and killing them. We will pick up next week by finishing the trip to the statue.

33-April 136 to 03-Mai 136
Heading North?

April 33: Tanin decides to try to take over the kingdom. Lothar is understandably against this. Tanin begins creating a massive circle of power around the capital city and gathering citizens and lingering barbarians who are interested in joining his effort. Riffin helps Lothar clean up the palace, but eventually switches to helping Tanin with his efforts and Galanis helps Tanin from the beginning. Meanwhile Elsire is looking for a master blacksmith, but keeping his ear to the ground. Tanin has sent word to Brother Olaf to fill the power vacuum left by the decimation of the thieves guild in Cahyrst.
Mai 03: Tanin signs a magically binding contract which allows his descendants, apprentice or blood, to maintain a position of power as the magic against magic in Cahyrst.


Self reminder to discuss:
Magic will now have a cool down, standard action in a medium magic environment (not character speed, just basic speed). It is intended to reflect the gathering of energy back into the mage after using it on a spell.
If a focus is used it makes the spell more efficient and increases the speed of the recharge by its level.
Consumables like wizards sand can be used to further reduce the cooldown time, but are very expensive and rare.
Galanis uses his own life force to cancel this effect, but the strength of the spell will now affect the amount of life force required.
Melee characters can now improvise for things like flurry, cleave, or shattering attacks.

22-Februar 136 to 33-April 136
On the Mountain

22-Februar to 23-Februar: The group spent an evening with the Gryla and her family. On the morning of the 23rd the group leaves for the trade route to take it to Dadun.
35-Februar: they arrived in Dadun and resupplied.
16-Marz: Arrived in Kemoor, collected profits, and sailed to Ostmark.
34-Marz: Arrived in Ostmark and it was decided that Jarl would attempt to design and build a boat.
33-April: From a distance they find Cahyrst is burning. They decide to dock and start killing groups of invaders with help from their new Shireling berserker friend, Elsire. The group fought a dozen barbarians in the foyer. An audience gathered and after the fight they proceeded to the throne room where, after a short conversation, they fought Roge Arper; the barbarian lord. Roge Arper put up quite a fight, but when he realized the fight was not going to end in his favor he used what appeared to be an escape plan, or he burned himself to death; not sure.

Log 10
12-Januar-136 to 22-Februar-136
  1. The party sails to Kemoor to the west.
  2. The party travels by horse to the Great Glomung where Galanis communes with a jungle spirit and the party meets with jungle elves. Galanis is offered an ambassadorial position, which he declines.
  3. The party sneaks under an illusion cast by Tannin to the Salt Sea.
  4. After first searching islands by floating on a disk cast by Tannin, the party finds a ring of stones which appears to teleport people from one island to another.
  5. The party finds themselves suddenly in the middle of a busy square, surrounded by armed jungle elves. A brief and deadly battle ensues and Galanis activates the stone ring.
  6. The party appears, with two guards, on a windswept snow covered cliff. They quickly dispatch the two remaining guards and…
Log 9
24-November-135 to 11-Januar-136

The party finishes recovering in Caford on November 24.
November 24 – November 26: Realizing that there was probably more to the necromancer’s presence, Tanin convinces everyone to return to the fort. They find that it has been claimed by Ostmark, but also find the Mana Fountain, bathe in its power, and Tanin creates a portal to Pale.
November 26 to November 28: In Pale the party takes care of some business, including Brother Olaf’s robbery of the tower supply closet.
November 28 to Dezember 3: The group hires a boat to Ostmark; Lothar negotiates a better rate. On the boat Riffin is challenged by the crew’s best swordsman. He wins the duel. Lothar finds a similar match and wins. The crew convinces Riffin and Lothar to duel and Lothar narrowly wins.
Dezember 3 to Dezember 10: After much debate as to the best way to create profit from the wine found in the crypt, it is sold for a hefty sum.
Dezember 11: The party is caught sneaking into Castle Ostmark and put in the dungeon. After escaping the dungeon they find the dog which has been linked to the king and it leads them to the king’s chambers. The king and dog want the dog dead. Hilicia speaks to Brother Olaf and tells him that she wants to do it because the bond between them is a profane thing. Brother Olaf uses Hilicia’s Heart to kill the dog. The king leads the party to the wizard’s chambers. On the way he gathers up some guards who kill others.
Brother Olaf nearly kills the wizard, but stabilizes him so Galanis can heal him. Then, after a tedious conversation, Lothar kills the wizard for real.
Dezember 12 to Januar 11: The party finds people who can represent the common folk to help the king form a House of Commons.
Brother Olaf decides it is time for him to focus on his position in the thieves guild and retires from adventuring… for now.

Log 8
Heading South Again

The group saw huge controlled fires in Caford on the night of the 24th.
The group had villagers describe a monster like an animated pumpkin patch attacking people in the dark.
The town offered 80 gold and a mule if the group solves the problem.
Part way to the fort in the valley to the northwest of town the party set up camp and wound up fighting the monster.
The group followed half of the monster which retreated. They found it and a caster at a fort in the valley.
They killed the caster and searched the rubble before heading back to Caford.

Log 7

The group discovered that the crypt cleared in log 6 connected to the palace pantry.
Thieves guild visit and stolen sword.
North to Cahyrst to find a thief. They did. The reward of 500 gold is waiting in Ostmark.

Log 6

The group met Riffen and Galanis.
The group cleared the crypt found in log 5.

Log 5

Searching for a way into the castle the group found a crypt.
The group visited the thieves guild.


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